Tuesday, October 28, 2008

feeling the love! no, really.

Wednesday, and baby is still too under the weather for going out. And at this point, by "under the weather" what I mean is, "not feeling too bad but still dripping snot in a way that would have us kicked out of the gym daycare immediately assuming the caregivers aren't first grossed-out into submission by the incredible snot-o-matic." I'm beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to be able to establish a gym routine if the daycare there is giving her colds. It's inevitable, though, right? If not now, then we'll just be doing this when preschool comes along. Right??

Again, just as well, as I have lots of freelance work to do, and am still on a sketching kick that feels fantastic. Besides, who needs to fit into something cute by Christmas? We all know that the pride of having been a productive and responsible member of society - highly skilled at toddler diaper changes - far outweighs the temporary pleasure of looking hot at that one annual holiday party where you're sure to see somebody's ex or two and that guy that never called you about a job like he promised and oh maybe an ex-coworker from the horrible show you worked on that left you sobbing in your car every night at one a.m. Pfft. Yeah. Priorities, people.

As you can see, I am in a very good place today. Balanced, you might say. Zen. These thoughts, paired with a recent attack of that chronic naivete on the subject of family and politics, a sweet baby so afflicted with snot and EIGHT NEW TEETH that she crumbles if the cat looks at her askance, and the fact that we are very nearly out of Trader Joe's peanut butter, are really helping me maintain a cheery outlook on things.

And is it just me, or is the entire nation on edge?

No no, not to worry. I'm headed off for a fresh cup of coffee which will make everything look better. And OH, my new autumn-mix cd just arrived from love squalor over at Full Instrumental!! Really, truly, the day is not lost. Thank you, thank you, it could not have come on a better day!

images copyright 2008 melanie hill

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Love Squalor said...

hey! when you emailed asking for the mix i didn't realize you had a blog too - i just saw your site in my stats. so nice to see you here!

i hope you enjoy the music - i forgot to include playlists when i sent them out, but it is still posted on my blog. enjoy!