Wednesday, October 29, 2008

turkey chili

Jimmy made turkey chili last night, and I am happily enjoying it for lunch today. Now, I do not pretend to be a great (or even very good) food photographer, but let me tell you, if you are not drooling over this photo, you are just wrong. And I pity you.

Of course, I had to let Jimmy know today how much I love and appreciate having this big vat of comfort food in my refrigerator, and what was his response? "You know, you can't just eat chili all day." Excuse me? Aren't you the crazy man who had to stay up past midnight last night in my kitchen, working on his masterpiece? Didn't you come running into the living room FIVE times with spoonfuls for me so I could taste the subtle differences in your changing recipe? (Once after I'd brushed my teeth for the night??) And now you're telling me to go easy on the chili?

You want me to eat some veggies, I think you know what to do. PUT THEM IN THE CHILI.

Incidentally, for beautiful food photography, go here.


jimmy said...

YOUR kitchen?

melanie said...

well, it is where i keep the brownie mix and chocolate chips, so i feel a little attached...