Friday, October 24, 2008

turning down the static

(It only took thirty years, but I have finally found my perfect breakfast - warm whole wheat toast, natural peanut butter & honey, black coffee.)

I actually had a tough time getting to sleep last night after writing about Holly's post on what I will now dub making your life what you want. While it is very true that I was making a mental list of exactly how expensive it would be to change out the items in our living room that I am (grateful for) but sick of looking at (sorry, Jimmy), I was primarily thinking about what I want in life, what Jimmy and I want as a couple (& family), and what sort of things in our life are superfluous. What can we change and what can we cut out? What is really worth sacrificing for?

It's a timely question, because I think we're both already in the middle of thinking on these things. Already we have been working on small changes, mine being:

- get up early(er) in the morning
- head to the gym 2-3 times a week
- turn off the tv during the day
- eat healthier
- buy less
- write more

Each one of those items could have entire posts devoted to them, and I will spare you the boredom. While they may appear to be small changes, for me they can be summed up as cut out the noise and concentrate on who I want to be.

And I am strongly considering cutting out sweets and alcohol until Thanksgiving. This, coming from the girl who can't stay on a diet through lunchtime! Yes, you many feel free to mock.

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