Thursday, October 30, 2008

what i think about when i'm alone

It's been threatening to rain here all day, in that strange surreal sort of LA way. I want to adequately describe the expansive rolling gray clouds that seemed to ebb and flow across the sky today, but any words I come up with seem to conjure up images of a traditional midwestern storm that really is nothing like what we have here. (Particularly in the aspect that midwestern storms usually actually materialize.)

But these clouds had a way of appearing and disappearing; looking like they were directly overhead, and then far off to the north, or west, or east. And these sort of tumbling gusty breezes accompanied the whole show, carrying the tiny papery tree seed pods that terrorize my entryway and showering them in great baleful swirls across the lawn so that they looked like snow.

It was alternately warm and cool. Pleasant and strange at the same time. Like someone added a Photoshop layer over the neighborhood, and painted it with storm.

I would really, really like for it to rain.

all images copyright melanie hill 2008

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