Friday, November 7, 2008


Sure, the election is over, and my man won (in such a big way), but I am still feeling oh so drained from a week of politicking with friends & family.

I wish I could explain how hard it is, defending your choices and your faith to people who should know you best. But I am too tired. If you've been through it yourself, you know.

And so I've been floating through this week on the edge of elation and failure, hope renewed and the dark end of the road. I know too well that it is better to stay out of the discussion with some people, but emotions get so high around election time, and I always think I've found a better, kinder, more accessible way to explain myself. And in the end I feel like I've gone back to an abusive boyfriend, although there's nobody to blame but myself, I guess.

pffft. Drama, drama, drama, huh?

Doing my best to put it all behind me. It is warm and clear and skies are blue blue on the westside today, and as soon as my beautiful baby girl wakes up we are going to walk over crunchy leaves down to the post office and the bank. We will wear t-shirts and sandals and think about the lucky folks who woke up to snow this morning! (feeling equally lucky ourselves.) We both need fresh air. Maybe we all need fresh air.

Thank goodness it's time for a weekend.

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Nean said...

Well stated, my friend. I am not sure why all the gloom and doom over my political position, but it's like I've committed mass murder to a few people. :)

Hugs at ya from another Obama-fan in sunny PA!