Thursday, January 1, 2009

hope for 2009

Of course, I had intended to sit down and write this post early in the morning, while that dreamy silvery fog was still clinging to the thickly quiet (clearly hungover) outside world, but instead it's nearly noon and we're all still in our jammies and rubbing our eyes and hoping this doesn't bode some sort of dull winking malaise for the new year. Because here in our little house we have big hopes for the new year.

What happened? Obviously, what always happens when you mix the following:

- New Year's Eve
- Beaujolais Nouveau
- Thai Take-Out from Tuk Tuk (featuring the Best Chicken Satay Ever, the elusive Spicy Beef Waterfall, and the Only Pad Thai I've Ever Eaten That Doesn't Smell Vaguely Of Feet)
- In Bruges
- A Husband with The Flu
- A Toddler still recovering from Two Weeks at Grandma & Grandpa's, Christmas, Jet Lag, The Tummy Flu, Sudden Lactose Intolerance, and The Firm Belief that Joe's O's are the only Edible Items on the Planet
- Two Cats So Completely Neurotic that They Just Returned from Eleven Days at an Elysian Cat Hotel where they spent the Entire Time Huddled in a Corner and Yowling. Loudly.
- Cheesecake
- A Leftover Reheated Cup of the Morning's Coffee
- Mamma Mia. oy.
- Champagne, Of Course
- Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark. NO WAIT Carson Daly. NO WAIT the In Bruges Gag Reel. *gasp* That was close.

At any rate, it's nearly noon now, but not too late for 2009. (I hope.) I've always been a sucker for new year's resolutions, and I do tend to want to accomplish quite a lot in the year to come... but is it just me, or does 2009 feel particularly different to you, too? It feels more pivotal, more important, as though it's going to be a difficult year full of transition and change, but by the end of it we should all, hopefully, be much better off.

It's a feeling I can't shake. I'm excited and terrified all at the same time. And here it is - we're already on our way!

So here you go - my own hopes and plans for 2009:

- Get out of bed early in the mornings; go for a walk, maybe a run.
- Leave the television OFF during the day
- Pay attention to food; cook.
- Write voraciously
- Pare down; buy LESS; buy better.
- Read daily
- Work HARD on two projects - one of my own, and one that belongs to me and Jimmy.
- Reinstall music as a centerpoint in our lives
- Create with abandon
- Remember what's most important, really
- Help my baby girl Lena discover the best things available in life
- Make sure Jimmy knows exactly how much I love him

Happy New Year to You and Yours.

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