Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Sunday, and today in our house Sunday means "five nights back at home and Lena STILL isn't back on a schedule", and we are exhausted. Jimmy goes back to work tomorrow for a particularly busy month or two as he'll be cutting the next episode himself, and I'm wondering if the three of us will all have dark circles under tired eyes for ever.

At least the sun has made an appearance today. As it's afternoon, now, and baby is finally napping quietly, it must be time to open up the house, turn on some music, wash my face, straighten up, and make the best of these last few hours of hiatus.

- we watched Persepolis last night, via Jimmy's Mac. beautiful, funny, smart, and heartbreaking; so good.
- as coming up with quippy titles is perhaps my least favorite part of blogging, i've decided to ditch them. if you really miss them, i invite you to title each post yourself in the comments section. it'll be sort of Gawker-ish, but less cool and more self-indulgent.
- i've committed to a week-long diet cleanse, beginning tomorrow. how very LA, i know. that said, if by around Thursday you begin reading posts about pretty pretty flowers and ceiling monkeys, do not be alarmed. all should be well by next Monday, when i'm sure i'll be celebrating my success with a medium-rare New York Strip, onion rings, and a double shot of Bulleit.

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Jimmy said...

Hubby does have a freebee at Wilson's you know...