Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So, Jimmy said something to me the other day which I KNOW he wholeheartedly intended as a compliment, but has had my mind stuck in a hamster wheel of introspection ever since. It was something along the lines of, "You're doing a great job with the blog, honey. And once you have something important to talk about, you'll be all practiced up for it!"

(cue his annoyed eye-rolling as he reads this....now.)

My response was something like, "What, my sheer panic at the thought of existing without a television isn't important enough for you??" Because I take even trace amounts of criticism very very well.

The truth is, I have so many hopes and goals and aspirations for this new year, but it has gotten off to such a sleepy start. And I don't think I'm the only one. An article in the LA Times yesterday mentioned how all of Los Angeles woke to 2009 under two or three days of thick blankety fog. Today is the first day that I feel even remotely coherent. I hope it's the new year's way of giving us a gentle introduction to a good, satisfying, but perhaps difficult year.

(In our Christmas letter this year, I mentioned how we hope to find ourselves in a better, stronger place in 2010. Several people teased me about the typo, but it was no mistake. I never expected to wake up on New Year's Day to a better tomorrow. I do expect to try to build one in the months ahead, though.)

And so, even under a fog, I'm slowly working on those goals. I've already ransacked half of the house in an effort to pare down and simplify. Today it's all about bills and scheduling appointments and thank-you notes. The rest of the week is slated for some intense work on our current project. Along with these things I'm already making a successful effort to focus on preparing food, which is usually such a failing of mine. They all feel like improvement by inches, but improvement all the same.

Oh, and I decided today that I want a terrarium. The perfect way to include some green in a house infested with two Arkham-cats and one very active toddler. Yes?

I think that's all I can manage by way of "importance" today, honey.

(cue my adorable-but-devious grin....now.)

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