Friday, January 2, 2009 it too late to resolve to win the lottery?

Granted, it had thrown out a warning sign or two over the last few months, but I'm still finding it....a little strange....that after I (clearly drunkenly) resolved to watch less tv this year, our television up and gave up the ghost on New Year's Day. (Conveniently after the Rose Parade and one much-needed episode of Sesame Street.)

Now Jimmy and I are looking at each other with sort of bemused, conflicted expressions. After all, "less tv" is different from "NO tv, not even when you're sick, want to watch the inauguration, have brand new games for the Wii and NEED to conquer the Pacific theatre, or require an extra-self-indulgent girlie all-about-you evening involving Amelie and baking a big pan of yummy warm fudgy brownies. What? I resolved to eat better, too? That's just so not a nice thing to say.

Anyway. We would have preferred the cable had crapped out, instead, but the cable is tied into our rent, so I suppose that would have been fixed for us... Nope, the tv is gone. We do own two televisions, but mine is currently gathering dust four hours north of here in Jimmy's grandparents' spare room. Four hours, yes.

What to do? Have you looked at television prices these days??

I realize it's a silly problem to have. Something Dooce would call a first world problem, no doubt. And Jimmy and I both agree that some of our most productive years were when we each were completely broke and had no television at all. Now we're just sort of broke, with a goal to pay off my magical new MacBook Christmas present this month, so I think we're going to tough it out. At least, you know, for a couple of days...

I mean, have you SEEN television prices???

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Nean said...

If I had made resolutions, I would have resolved to spend less time online... however, that's obviously not happening. :) And I'm not gonna resolve that now or my lovely Macbook would crash like your tv. Get a new one. Lost is coming back with an all new season.