Saturday, January 3, 2009


So, the tv thing... it's all been a little too difficult to deal with, considering it's, you know, a freaking tv.

We would like to have access to one. I had planned on getting a Wii Fit very soon for some cheap yoga action, Jimmy really is right in the middle of the Pacific theatre on some ultra-violent game I bought him for Christmas (apparently I had a lapse and expected a "violent war game" to be sort of like, GI Joe, not the opening of Saving Private Ryan), and I've finally got Persepolis arriving from Netflix today.

Oh, and Sesame Street. Sesame Street and Jack's Big Music Show: like instant Valium for the baby. How am I supposed to function without that??

But, oh, the money. And the New Year's Resolution. And all those silly posts I keep reading from ZenHabits. And the fact that I'm very nearly shaking from the DT's over even the idea of getting through a week alone with the baby. See how I said that? "Alone?" As though the television is real company.

We did some window shopping yesterday just to see what we were in for, and whether or not anyone still sells an old tube tv, and could we get one for like, $50? Geez, at this point shouldn't they be PAYING US to take one off their hands? Apparently not. And we did find the perfect flat screen for a whopping $200 off the regular price! All the geek specs, the right size for our omnipresent amoire ("the hulk", I like to call it), and fancy enough blacks for my tv-editor husband. I don't know about you, but I was ready to walk out the door with the thing. What? It's still $800? The bank account?? Shut up.

I think the thing to point out here, is that if we had bought it, I probably wouldn't be writing this post right now. I'd be sucking down my coffee to the tune of an eight-year-old Gilmore Girls rerun while trolling Facebook. Yes, I know, this is a catch-22 for you, but hey, what's one more blog post out there in the webisphere?

Here's to another day unplugged. Well....mostly. And I PROMISE the next post will be boob-tube free.


Nean said...

You know that there are a lot of shows online now, right? Sesame Street (and several other kid-shows) has podcasts even -- short segments, but even a little valium is better than none, right? :) Trust me, I feel your pain!

melanie said...

Oh, I didn't know Sesame Street had podcasts! It's funny, because just a few minutes ago Lena and I were watching Sesame Street segments on YouTube. Sure, they're old and grainy, but it was fun showing her the "Mnah Mnah" song...

I was thinking we could watch a few things on my laptop, too... like Persepolis, but it does feel like a temporary fix. At any rate, we should be able to survive until we save the cash for a tv... I mean, we should, right? :)