Monday, January 5, 2009

We were miraculously granted a (nearly) full night's sleep last night, meaning a night almost completely devoid of insomniac babies and neurotic cat yowling. But as it turns out, Jimmy just couldn't sleep at all, regardless, and even though I did sleep, I still feel like the walking dead today.

Holiday recovery appears to be a much more arduous task when children are involved. Add this to the list of things NOT included in the baby manual. This, exploding poop, and the fact that your child WILL learn to remove her own diaper when you least expect it.

At any rate, we're still a very sleepy household today. Right now Lena is mercifully taking her morning nap, I just woke up from a nap myself, the cats are curled in naps on our bed, Jimmy's off to work, and the house is dark and quiet. With no television, the house feels empty and still. All I can hear is the regular breathing traffic outside and the local classical station broadcasting through every baby monitor in the house.

This is what our world looks like right now:

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