Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday. Usually I really enjoy the prospect of a day with cake, flowers, presents, and maybe a dinner out. (Did I mention cake?) But this year I had a hard time gearing up for it, probably because I've spent most of the last year indoors, alone with the baby. While that is a blessing, a gift, and just generally a highly rewarding way to spend one's time, it can also be....oh yeah. Incredibly isolating. Daily. Weekly. And, well, who really spends their childhood looking forward to turning 31? Anyone? That's what I thought.

It was a good year, in spite of flying by in a blur. Looking back, I accomplished more than just changing way too many diapers:

- entered my thirties, and survived
- drove halfway across the country with an infant, and survived
- began blogging (again)
- became the mother of a toddler!
- flew halfway across the country, ALONE, with my TODDLER in my lap, and survived!
- began drawing (again)
- was diagnosed with depression
- (survived)
- made a birthday crown & banner, decorated Lena's first Christmas stocking
- celebrated my baby girl's first birthday
- cleared off all our credit debt (!!)
- fell in love with my (magical) new MacBook
- voted for hope and change
- saw history made in our government, and our nation
- began planning a new business (and a new life)

All in all, I'm certainly in a better place now than I was last year. What more can I ask for?

Yes, cake. You're absolutely right.

and my birthday was lovely, thank you.

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