Friday, August 14, 2009


This week has not been as productive as I'd initially hoped, but I keep telling myself to give it time. I remind myself that the prospect of fifteen hours of free time a week is just too overwhelming, and I remember that every time we take Lena to some place completely amazing by toddler standards, her reaction is to suddenly become silent, tuck her chin down, and stay close while she scopes the place out. In the past I'd blamed this trait on her father, who is incapable of accepting a gift without initially giving the (highly annoying) air of, "Oh, yeah, that's, uh...nice..." before warming up to the idea. But maybe I bear a tiny bit of responsibility, too. Maybe. A tiny bit.

Not once did I put pencil to paper this week, and I only made it out for a run one morning, yesterday, when I was nearly shoved out the door by my loving husband, and really it was more of a half-mile walk, after which I returned home sweating and winded and today I am sooo soore, but dammit I WENT, and that should totally make up for the six cookies yesterday afternoon that I only ate because I had company and company cookies are completely allowable anyway. (dammit.)


What I have succeeded at doing this week is tackling the issue of photo albums. Ta da! After the last album I put together in 2003 (which, by the way, isn't finished, but I'm ignoring that fact right now) I decided I'd had it with photo prints. The ordering, the sorting, the fingerprints, the falling-out-of-the-albums. Don't even get me started on scrapbooking. Then, when we took our trip to Vancouver while I was pregnant with Lena, and I saw our friend Judi's stunning album that was printed straight from Apple via iPhoto (whizz-bang!), I knew right then and there that I'd seen the light, and I would never, ever, EVER even DREAM of buying another traditional photo album.

Until I had to fill out a baby book. But let's skip that.


So, I started on our first iPhoto album this week, and 2004 was first in line. And I found that it's just slightly off-putting, as an adult, to relive five-years-ago. Five years isn't all that long, right? Especially, now that I live in Southern California and every season is almost identical to the last, with slight variations of about ten or twenty degrees, so that if you catch me off-guard I'd very likely NOT be able to tell you what month it is. (See, even right now, I had to think about it. My first reaction was April, then I thought, no, it's almost fall. It must be October. Wait. Think. ummm....August! I'm not even kidding.) As you can see, asking me to identify time in increments of years is just an act of futility.

Sorting through 2004 feels a little like jet-lag, and that accompanying vague sense of displacement.

After the first shock of seeing myself with bangs and a waist, I got around to enjoying piecing together that year of our lives. It was the year before Jimmy and I were married, so we were still in that goofy madly-in-love fight-at-the-drop-of-a-hat what's-coming-next?? place in life. There we are, in pictures, having the best time at the LA Brewery art festival, swearing we'll come back every year, and not making it back since. There are just a handful of photos from our visits to Toronto and New York, because we had so much fun I forgot to take any until we were leaving. But I'd also about forgotten about the time we surprised my mom on a bridge in downtown St. Louis for her birthday, and how much fun it was to rent a limo and tour wine country with Jimmy's mom and her friends for her birthday. Oh, geez, and has it been that long since tasting that incredible port and chocolate? (I say it was incredible. Jimmy says I'd been drinking all day on winery tours and probably would have thought Zima was amazing by that point. I certainly hope you're duly offended on my part.)

I guess I just didn't expect to become nostalgic about 2004. Certainly not yet. Maybe not ever. But I'm having a good time piecing it all together. And I cannot WAIT to see the finished product. No tape, no glue, no prints falling out of the album. Just me, my cute boyfriend, and my bangs.

All good things.

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