Wednesday, August 26, 2009

au revoir les enfants in tutus

I took this picture of Lena yesterday during her toddler dance class, and I simply cannot stop looking at it. It makes me wonder how we got so lucky to have the cutest baby girl, with the funniest little personality? Because I know she looks like a lost puppy here, but in reality she was just goofing around and making faces at me. And I try to remember this when she's refusing to nap, go to sleep before 10pm, or relinquish the broccoli florette that she is just as vehemently refusing to eat.

Unfortunately, as stupid-cute as she is in her little sparkly leotard and pigtails, I am impatiently counting down the dance lessons we have left. After seven weeks of suffering through the indignity of mommy & me toddler sessions, most of the time of which I spend chasing Lena from door to door to door in the studio because she thinks it is oh so hi-larious to try to beat me to the exits instead of learning to tendu! or passé! or any of the other ridiculous things they're pretending to teach children who aren't even aware that they have knees, yet, let me tell you how ready I am for it all to be over.

To be fair - the studio and everyone who works there have been so lovely, but I realize now that toddler dance classes are specifically meant for sucker moms and grandmas who want to see their babies in tutus, because man-oh-man is it adorable to see a classful of baby tutus. But in actuality most of the toddlers spend the class wandering around, looking lost and slightly terrified at the frantic mothers who are desperately trying to coach them to fly like a butterfly! gallop like a horse! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST DO SOMETHING VAGUELY PARTICIPATORY SO MOMMY CAN STOP TRYING TO REMEMBER HOW TO SKIP WHILE FACING A 30-FOOT-LONG FLOOR-TO-CEILING MIRROR IN FLUORESCENT LIGHTING.

Just three more weeks and we're going back to music class, where I can sit in peace on the floor against the wall while Lena learns to bang a real drum kit or abuse an actual accordion. And maybe, if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll track down one of those tumbling classes where I can sit outside with the other mommies and drink coffee while she learns to somersault and burn off all that adorable toddler energy. Oh, that adorable, bottomless reservoir of toddler energy...

Dance class, perhaps we'll meet again. Like, say, in two or three years when Lena is capable of taking turns, jumping, and managing the complexities of navigating a bathroom trip while wearing a leotard. Until then.

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