Friday, June 5, 2009

Jimmy is on hiatus - has been for three weeks, now - and we are still adjusting to new rhythms around here. Every new day feels like a lazy Saturday morning; get the baby set up with a new diaper, a bottle, some Sesame Street, and crawl back into bed for another hour or two of warm bodies and sleepy cats in the pale yellow morning light. Nothing wrong with that.

He makes the coffee in the mornings, now, and I feel completely spoiled. We've dotted all the days on our calendar with small appointments - lessons, dentists, doctors, community events, lunches with friends, places to be. He finally has the time, and I finally have a second pair of hands.

The swimming lessons are the best so far. Twice a week at the YMCA, Lena gets to jump into the pool with daddy while I watch alongside with my coffee and camera. You would be hard pressed to make me a happier girl. Next week we will ride our bikes there along the river not-wholly-unenjoyable drainage ditch. (It's LA, people.) I can't wait.

Oh, and I have a gorgeous new bike. Photo to come.

I wanted to write, too, about how tricky it is to be on hiatus. No schedule, no routine, and no paycheck can be a tough gear to switch into. But right this moment it only feels perfectly lovely.

Happy Friday.