Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today is Wednesday, and Wednesdays are a free day for us. Lena does not go to school on Wednesdays, and we've recently dropped her gymnastics class (partially due to money, partially to laziness, and partially due to my not enjoying wrangling a crawler in a waiting area that was usually full of unfriendly mommies. Also: Lena is only three, and the cost/benefit comparison is questionable at best). So we are home today, relaxing, looking for projects and wondering when it will rain.

Our friend Julie picked Lena up from school on Monday, and they stopped for groceries on the way home, where they bought these perfect daffodils. The daffodils were tightly closed until yesterday afternoon when I noticed one beginning to relax, and all evening long they proceeded to bloom so quickly that you could almost see them moving if you paid attention. By this morning every one was open and full, and I believe they are acting as our sunshine on this otherwise dreary day. I think they are lovely.

Now I'm off to see why the baby has been napping for so very long. And if I can just convince Miss Lena to finish her lunch, I think we might try to make the last box of pumpkin bread mix this afternoon, followed by watching an old Batman cartoon on Youtube. Because she asked! (Because she's already interested in the boys at school.) But I am SO THRILLED to see her liking anything that isn't pink or princess or fairy. Thrilled enough that I'm determined not to mind her singing the theme over and over and over. Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

Sorry....I can never resist sharing a good song...

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