Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's a bit early for Mother's Day, but this little teacup and rose are sitting on my dresser now, and they are a perfect and insistent reminder to me of my mom, who visited us just last week. She loves, loves roses, and she gave me that teacup - her mother's teacup, who passed away last summer.

We've have good periods and bad, just like anyone, I suppose. In the last year or two, though, we've been closer than ever, I think. And I know that much of that is due to a great effort on her part. I know that distance and difference have been especially hard trials for us, and I can't appreciate any more how much she has worked at putting them aside. I value her friendship so greatly. And I want so badly, when my own girls are grown, for them to feel I am there for them, as I know my mother still is for me.

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