Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 23

Today is day 23 of my foray into Whole30, and I must have hit the ten-pound mark because all of a sudden almost none of my pants fit anymore. Granted, I'm failing miserably on the NO CHEATING UNLESS YOU FALL FACE FIRST INTO A BOX OF DONUTS guideline of the diet. Look, I chose sushi for my unusual chance at a night out with old friends this week, and had no idea that the particular restaurant selected would be offering a happy-hour-only menu of rice-laden hand rolls and tempura (and 99 cent beers! 99 cents! Beer!!). It was eat sushi and have a good time, or sit there and drink water. And really? I cheated with sushi? COME ON. Also, I drank water. I feel I should get some credit for that.

But I'm working hard to stick as close to the diet as I can, and it feels great, and I feel great. So, today I found myself rooting through my drawers in search of pants that fit (old jeans: yes; cropped pants: no!), which then devolved into trying on almost everything in my closet. And it was wonderful. My shirts and blouses fit so well, now, and they look nice again. I finally remembered why I bought them all in the first place. I also collected a nice trash bag full of larger items that I won't be needing anymore, and really, that was so encouraging.
I even ran out to Target with Evie for little shopping spree. Hey, I needed pants! Also, Jimmy told me to. You did, Jimmy, right when you were walking out the door this morning. No, really, you did. I'm not lying. You did.

I don't know if it sounds silly to write about all this, but it means more to me than I can probably accurately describe. I feel like I have been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for so long. Now, I know, there were two pregnancies thrown in there over the last four years. But I was honestly at the place where I just didn't think I could do it at all. And now I feel so much more like me again.

The thought that terrifies me is that I will finish the thirty days and then balloon right back up. Of course, we are planning to continue eating this way, more or less, indefinitely. Maybe forever. It's generally easy enough, and it's difficult to argue with how excellent we both feel. And I am happy with the adjustment as long as I can still keep my date next Saturday morning, 9am, day 32, with a latte and the pain perdu from the French cafe up the street. Seriously, I can almost taste it now. I mean, for heaven's sake, just look at it.

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Jimmy said...

Of course I did, silly.