Friday, August 26, 2011

seven things

It's funny to me that last week we had a million things planned, so I came here to say I probably wouldn't be posting, and then managed to post several times anyway. But this week, when I thought I'd be back on schedule, I've been so unexpectedly busy that here it is Friday and I haven't been around at all.

Oh well. But it has been a pretty good week. Just exhausting, that's all.

And I don't have much time to write today, either. Of course! So I'm going to give you a quick update instead by listing seven things, all about my week. Seven things, because one of my favorite bloggers, Mary, over at Finding Magnolia, is passing along a seven things theme, and here I am volunteering to be tagged.

1. Yesterday marked 30 days since I began the Whole30 diet cleanse. I have to admit up front that I did end up cheating on the diet much more than I should have, a couple of times for great reasons, and a couple of times for no reason. However, I do consider it a success, as today is my first day off and I've yet to eat an entire box of cookies. Also, I lost ten pounds, and it wasn't difficult. I think it really helped my sugar addiction, and I think my itchy skin issues are coming from wheat or gluten, though I'm not sure which. Jimmy (he lost about a million pounds) and I are planning to eat this way - for the most part - indefinitely. But I might try to do the full cleanse again sometime. Probably next spring.

(Did I mention I lost ten pounds?? And dropped a full size in all of my clothing. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement.)

2. My mood, also, has been greatly improved since I began Whole30. I know exercising has also helped, because the last two weeks have been hectic and I haven't had my workouts, and I can feel a difference in my brain. That said, I still find that I'm unable to make a decision regarding antidepressants. It might sound silly, but I simply don't know what a "normal" person's baseline is supposed to be. Do you wake up smiling? Are you always optimistic? I think my natural baseline is just generally low, and can't decide if that's worth going on prescription medication, or not. Now that the Whole30 is finished, I'm going to try my natural remedies again, and see how I do.

3. My sweet mom's birthday was yesterday, and I miss her. We sent her this as her gift this year. It's her favorite movie (she's from Atlanta), and it's maybe just a little bit possible that I was named after one of the characters. Or a lot possible. So possible that I might have written the actress when I was maybe fourteen, and received a lovely letter and autographed photo from her which I kept in a frame for eons. And I think it's sort of funny that now I live in the same town where they made the film. Not that *I'm* obsessed! But I do love it because my mama loves it. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Mom! I love you!

4. Lena's fourth birthday is coming up! Alright, it's in October. Early October, though, so I need to start planning now. This week I reserved a pavilion at our favorite neighborhood playground/park, so all I can think about is what to do with twenty-ish four-year-olds. Lena is still hoping that we'll go to Disneyland, too, around her birthday (a tradition for us), so I'm trying to figure out how to do a party on the CHEAP. I've begun a Pinterest board for inspiration, but it's mostly just colors and decor, for now. I'm thinking the theme will be art. She loves to draw and paint and will spend hours doing so. So I have ideas for covering the tables in craft paper and crayons, giving little art supplies as favors, and having a little kid-friendly photo booth setup, with fun masks and hats and things. I need more ideas for games, though. And I'm desperate for an idea for cheap eats that isn't pizza. Although, pizza is sooo easy...

5. I have been thinking about doing a series of posts about our little home, here, complete with photos. And whenever I think that, I think maybe I should hire a maid, first, and then I see all the little things I want to fix, too. But I might just do it anyway. It's more real when it's covered in toys and sippy cups, yes? Just say yes.

6. One of the reasons I've been so unexpectedly busy this week is because we decided to let Lena begin a new hobby, and it already looks like a very big and time-consuming hobby. I'm not willing to say more about it right now. Maybe next week. Maybe not. Still feeling very tentative about the whole thing. (And also excited.)

7. Speaking of excited, I am THRILLED to be attending Holly Becker's book signing tonight! And I am even somehow magically on the list for her Inspiration Board Tutorial beforehand, which I thought was impossible because I was out of town when the event became available for RSVP. No complaints, though. Yesterday I threw together a little gift for her. I hope that's not strange, or too forward, but I want to connect who I am online with who I am in person. Also, it really isn't much. I'm hoping, too, to meet some other nice folks from the area while I'm there. Plus, who doesn't want to hang out at Anthropologie for the evening? I can't wait!

So, those are my seven things. I don't think I quite managed the quick post I intended... Maybe it makes up for my absence all week? I'd love to tag some folks to see your seven things, as well, but I honestly don't even know who's reading this. So, please, if you want, consider yourself tagged. And if you make a Seven Things post, let me know, and I'll post your link!

Happy weekend!

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Autumn said...

love you 7 things post! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you miss m! keep up the writing! :D