Friday, August 12, 2011

Spring in Saint Louis

We were in St. Louis twice last spring on trips so close together that they are sort of blurred together in my mind. But the first visit was happy and relaxed, plenty of time to enjoy spring in the midwest, drinking coffee on the breezy sunporch, watching a storm roll by from the front porch, the girls and I being pampered by my parents. The second trip, though, was difficult. It was rushed, a mess of deep concern and heartache, trying to help and feeling completely helpless in the face of my sweet nephew's hospitalization.

This picture is from the second trip. For me it captures both the fresh, cool feeling of spring in the midwest, and also the sort of happy sweetness that I hope my girls brought to my family. Because I couldn't do much to help out except pick up a few groceries here and there, and really, isn't this much better?

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