Wednesday, November 16, 2011

keep you right

I decided it wasn't fair, telling you about speeding on the 10 towards downtown Los Angeles with the windows down and the volume up, and all that, without sharing what I was listening to at the time.

Blind Pilot's album "3 Rounds and a Sound" has become sort of the sleeper hit on my playlist over the last couple of years, and (at last!) their new followup release "We Are the Tide" has not disappointed me in the least. I'm particularly in love with this song, enough so that Lena, at a whopping four years old, makes pointed remarks about how many times we've listened to it in the car, now. She fails to recall that day at Disneyland when we rode It's a Small World three times in a row. But I remember. And this cannot possibly be considered fair punishment.

Blind Pilot, Keep You Right:

(in full disclosure, i secretly adore It's a Small World. but i'm pretty sure three trips in a row is enough to make anyone insane. there's probably even scientific proof. somebody check wikipedia.)

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