Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, friends. I know there are a few of you reading out there who don't celebrate this American holiday, but I still wish you all a wonderful day, hopefully spent with loved ones, and maybe with a moment taken to reflect on the good in your life.
We've had a year dotted with several very difficult and unpredicted events in our family, but I think there is still a way to respect the gravity and the tragedy in those events while also finding so much to be grateful for. I know for myself, I am hoping to end this year stronger than I've ever been before - something that never would have been possible without acknowledging my own frailties.

But also, who am I kidding? I'm about to spend a lovely Thanksgiving with my family in the gorgeous rolling tree-covered hills outside of St. Louis. My mom is going to work her Southern home-style magic on a turkey that might be bigger than my 19-month-old, and I've already got dibs on a slice of pumpkin pie, a slice of pecan pie, and an entire tray of dressing. We are missing a few family members - Jimmy included, unfortunately - but it is looking to be a lovely day for us.

And even if it wasn't, I still have this:

and I will never quit thanking God for that.

(and for you - I am so thankful for you, too.)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

- melanie

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