Friday, December 16, 2011

don't forget the hot chocolate-ing

Hello, friends. I've been thinking about this space all week, and there's much that I want to share with you, particularly regarding how I'm doing now that I've been taking antidepressants for five weeks, now. But I've been busy wrapping up that illustration project (32 pieces of art in all, and my hand is killing me), and now that I've just sent off the last of the files - YAY - I've got to run off to Lena's preschool holiday program tonight. I can't wait. Preschoolers are ridiculously cute when piled together and told to sing for their parents.

Anyway, as of tonight, we are officially on Christmas break for two glorious weeks. Jimmy will be on hiatus, too, and I have sleeping, baking, wrapping, sleeping, Christmas movie watching, visiting Santa, going to church, and sleeping on the agenda. And writing. You've been so supportive of me this year, and I owe you an update.

In short, though: life is good. How are you?

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