Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January in Los Angeles

I don't really like to brag about our weather here in LA in the winter.  The truth is, I miss snow terribly, as much as I miss the first warm breeze in spring, the perfection of the autumn cold snap, and watching the trees turn from black barren to that decadent lush green that rolls in restful waves against the blue skies and puffy white cumulus clouds of May and June.

Sorry.  I get carried away.

I prefer to brag about our weather during the summer, which, though still too hot for my taste, is still mightily cooler than the humid mess back home in the Midwest.  We even catch an ocean breeze here and there, despite being five miles inland from the Pacific.  That's when I like to brag.

That said, today is a beautiful day.  Seventy-seven degrees and clear skies, and I even caught sight of the huge jade plant in the front yard blooming and buzzing with a dozen bees.

It's not the peaceful snow-blanketed January of my dreams, but I'll certainly take it.  Happy Wednesday from Los Angeles.

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