Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy birthday, Little Mac.

Today is my nephew Cole's first birthday.  I remember this day last year, the weather was almost identical to the sunny, breezy, blue-sky spring weather we're having here today, but I couldn't leave the house.  I couldn't go anywhere without carrying the house phone and my cell phone with me, waiting for calls and texts from Mom as she kept me updated on the progress of Jennifer's difficult, early labor.  And when Cole McKee was finally born - so long awaited! - but showing physical signs that something was very wrong, I just sat on the front steps and cried.

Birthdays should be good.  I want very much for Cole's birthday to be good.  

What a sweet baby he was.  What yummy cheeks!  What a fighter, what a loving spirit. 

What amazing parents.

I'm still a proud auntie to that baby boy.  And a very proud sister to my brother and his wife.  We love you so much, Eric and Jennifer.  Jimmy and I wish with all our hearts we were there with you today.  But we're remembering Little Mac here all the same.  And always will.

My proudest Auntie moment - getting the rare opportunity to hold my nephew.

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