Monday, April 23, 2012


Last night I stayed up past midnight mending the tulle on the front of this dress.  For some reason it felt like staying up all night to finish a college term paper.  I don't know why - the dress is size 18mo, which means both of my girls have grown out of it, which means I was on no deadline.  Except that it had sat in my mending pile for six months, and I had finally gotten around to dealing with the mending, and who wants to stop when they're thisclose to checking off one more item on their to do list?

So, mending tulle = not easy.  This was my first try.  The scar is visible, but not obvious.  I'd like to save the dress for my girls, anyway, so I don't know if it will ever be worn again.  There's something poetic about all of that.  But I'm no poet.

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