Monday, April 30, 2012

this week in roses

The weather is a bit gray, today, and I'm feeling sleep deprived after our girls decided not to go to sleep until 11pm last night (and also after the past few weeks of Jimmy's "accelerated schedule" at work, meaning we haven't seen much of him in a while).  So I just thought I'd post something simple and pretty today.

We have no less than seven rose bushes in our front yard, five of which we inherited with the apartment, one which I just grabbed at Home Depot while we were moving in, and another which I spotted in a rose catalog, and is now my favorite rose.  Ever.  Like, in the whole world.

For the most part, I just ignore them.  I know, it's such a crime.  I mean, I sincerely enjoy them, as I can see them outside our windows and front door, but I always forget to feed them.  I'm better at remembering to spray some Immunox on them occasionally - as in, when they begin to look very ill every couple of months - and I do remember to cut them back every December.  But it's one of the luxuries of living in Southern California: the darn things just grow.

The white roses are also some of my favorites, but the last time I tried to clip one to bring in I noticed an earwig hanging out in between the petals.  Yeeeeeech.  So they stay outside.

This yellow bush is insane - when it blooms it really blooms, sometimes two dozen blooms at a time.

I brought in this pink one today before I thought to photograph it.  Smells lovely.

I'm doing something wrong in photographing this red bush.  It's so vibrant that my lens just pulls in too much color, and I haven't figured out how to correct the problem yet.  Advice?

I wasn't going to include this photo until I noticed the little guy at the bottom.  Guess he liked looking at this rose, too?

Here it is - my favorite rose.  It's an antique bourbon rose called Souvenir de la Malmaison.  It's incredibly gorgeous, and smells every bit as amazing - light and sweet like honey.  Perfect.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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