Thursday, April 12, 2012


My baby, my Miss Eve Adele, had the nerve to turn two yesterday.  Two.  TWO.  I realize this may mean nothing to you - babies turn two every day.  Right?  But my baby, I swear, she was JUST BORN.  It isn't fair.  This kid went from, "Well, would you like to stay at the hospital now, or would you like to go home and come back when you're further along?" to honest-to-goodness crying and squirming and BREATHING in my arms in forty minutes flat.  I should have known then that she was intent on growing up just as fast.  I know, I know - two is still sort of baby-ish.  But she used to be this:

like, a second ago.  And this:

and especially this:

 (My forty-week photo.  I wish I could say I look very different now.  Ahem.)

And now, I can't believe it.  But now she is this:

She says, "Mama, come! Come here, Mama!"

She's practicing the art of jumping, she JUST learned to count to "Thwee!", and she loves to eat birthday "Cake-cake!"

 She is two.  My baby is two.

And my heart is melting just looking at these photos. 

I am the luckiest.  How they are getting so big so fast, I'll never know.  And I'll never know why I get to be mama to these two beautiful girls, both so smart and sweet and funny as heck.  But I love them so much.  I am so happy to be their mama.

I have more to say, and am working on a longer blog post for you, but for now I can tell you that I am so happy.  In the last week I've come to some new realizations, found a new way of looking at my life, and I feel I've turned a corner on this long road out of depression.  There may be many corners to turn on the road ahead, and I hope there are, but I feel so much more at peace today than I did just a week ago.  I can't wait to write about it.  But for now, I think this picture says it all.  I am so happy being mama to these two little girls.  My four-and-a-half-year-old and my TWO-year-old.  I love you, girls, I love you to little bits and pieces.  Thank you for being everything you are.  And happy birthday, Evie.  I cannot wait to get to know you better this year.


Thanks to Jimmy for most of these photos - he really does get the best pictures of the girls.

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grammie said...

I have to agree, she is a fast learner and grower. It seems not that long ago I had 1 Grand daughter, now there are 5. I had the PLEASURE of having all of them together for Easter,they are all truly amazing. These girls put a lot of pressure on other kids, because they are so funny and quick witted.You really have to be fast to keep up with any of them.
That little Eve,was right in the middle of 11,7,5,and 41/2 and showed no mercy. She can keep up with the best.
You have done a fabulous job of making sure she will never take a back seat or lip from anyone.(good job MOM)
I love you Melanie