Wednesday, May 16, 2012


No, I'm not going on hiatus. Jimmy, on the other hand, works in television, and his show goes on hiatus every summer. It's such a blessing for our family in that we get to have weeks and weeks of uninterrupted Jimmy/Daddy time. On the other hand, it also means no paychecks for weeks and weeks. But we're just going to try not to think about that right now...

Last Friday was his last day, and it looks like we have him until the beginning of July - a shorter hiatus this year due to some scheduling switch-ups at the office. Eight weeks, though - how great is that? What on earth will we do??

First of all, we're busy wrapping up (and celebrating) the publishing of Jimmy's Grampa's first book, Gold Country Sketchbook.  Grampa Al Musso worked on this book for something on the order of thirty years. He's an accomplished, prolific artist who has always loved California and the Old West, so it's only natural that he decided to spend his retirement years traveling the Gold Country, researching, drawing, painting, and putting his layout skills to good use. He's ninety-five now, though, and so for the last decade his family has been trying to help finish the book for publication. When Jimmy took over about three years ago, the poor book had been typed, re-typed, saved to floppy disk, lost, and reams of paste-ups had been jumbled together six ways from Sunday. So Jimmy gathered everything up, had it all typed up again, re-scanned the original artwork, hired a graphic designer to handle layout, and then edited, edited, edited, edited, and edited. He sold personal belongings along the way to pay for the process, and the man just poured blood, sweat, and tears into the project. He's amazing, my husband. And as of last Friday the book is now published and available for order from Amazon. Incredible. He then drove up to Morro Bay and back on Saturday just so he could put the finished book directly into his grandfather's hands.

I'm pretty sure there's no way to overestimate what this occasion meant to Jimmy, and to the whole family, really.

We're working on getting the word out about the book, now - trying to set up the website, send out postcards, make phone calls, get the "search inside this book" feature set up on Amazon. Al made a beautiful book, and people deserve a chance to see it, don't you think? My guess is we'll be working on the last details for this book for some time, and that's okay.

We're also traveling to St. Louis next week to visit my family for a while. It already feels like it's been too long, and the girls are so so so excited to go. I hear Grandma and Grandpa are excited, too.

But who can believe that?

And we're finishing up Jimmy's new office in the storage unit out back of our house. Which means I get to move into the desk in the kitchen once he's out. And then we have to build the storage shed to hold all the junk that used to be in the storage unit. And then we have to clean out the garage. And then we have to weed, or maybe bulldoze, the backyard. And then we want to think about redoing the front patio.

Easy peasy.

Also, we're going to spend one week in June with Jimmy's family up on the Central Coast.

(Umm....without the Easter Bunny, this time.)

Also, I need to do some of this:

And maybe we'll manage a bit of this:

But mostly, this:

Hiatus might be terrifying, but, well, shoot. I love it.

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