Friday, August 24, 2012

wherever you go

Happy Friday, friends.  I just stopped in to say thanks to everyone who read yesterday's post, and especially to those of you who responded with encouraging words or similar stories.  Since I began blogging I've found that I sincerely do have a need to write these things down, so it is blessing upon blessing for me that not only do I have a place to put those words, I also get to hear back from you on occasion.  And I don't think I can understate how much your words are appreciated, or how they routinely hit the mark for me, and I carry them with me for so long.

That is all I had intended to say, today, but my sweet mom called just as I was opening this post, and after we talked I had to sit here and dry my eyes with five or six tissues before I could continue.  She hadn't been online, yet, or seen yesterday's post, but said that as she was having her morning devotions she had me on her mind, and felt like she was meant to share what she was reading with me.  It turns out that the message was about letting go of fear in our lives - that fear only serves to confuse us and to keep us from moving forward - and instead of being fearful we should remember that God will care for us wherever we are. 

Well, she put it much better than I just did.  But the point was almost exactly the same as what kittymclewin posted in yesterday's comments, and I'm having a hard time ignoring the synchronicity there.  Thank you, ladies.  I got the message.  I needed it.  And even more important to me than the message itself was getting any message at all.  I was feeling quite forgotten. 

You've shown me that I am not.

Thank you.

"Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
 Joshua 1:9

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