Thursday, September 13, 2012

almost five

You guys, in three weeks and two days my first baby girl is going to be five years old.  She writes some and reads a little and somersaults and rides a bike and can count to five in Japanese.  Seriously, it's milestone after milestone around here, and I am dizzy.  One thing hasn't changed, though, and it's this face.  This angelic, wide-eyed face which could easily melt your heart into a useless pool of butterscotch except that it's all an act - my silly-pie Lena can only manage it for a second or two before falling apart in belly giggles, rolling on the floor in a continuation of her daily 14-hour ham-fest.  Only occasionally do I catch this little innocence act on camera.  Here it is once before, almost exactly three years ago:

I know, I know.  If she ever figures out how to use this face to attract a date, we are seriously, honestly doomed.  I know.

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