Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey, it's Monday!  Again!  How does that keep happening?  Well, in an effort to cheer you up I thought I'd show you what I'm in love with right now.  You know, aside from my kids and my husband.  Obviously.

Oh, and before we get started, I have not been given any incentive to write this post.  Nobody is paying me, giving me goods, or otherwise tempting me to blog about their products.  These are just things I found recently and love.

1.  Friendship bracelets

This might surprise you, but I do actually know what the current fashion trends are, generally speaking, despite the fact that you will most often see me in jeans and black t-shirt.  Because if Einstein wore the same thing every day, I can too, right?  And he didn't even accessorize!  Unless you count the hair.  But I digress.  I am really enjoying my friendship bracelets right now, and I didn't have even to make them myself or suffer through seventh grade again to get them.  I think we can all agree that that's what we call GENIUS, Einstein.

These beauties came from Ashley Goings of Under Those Neon Lights at Etsy, and on top of being pretty much perfect they were also affordable and custom-made.  She let me choose my own designs and colors, the bracelets are gorgeous and sturdy, and I couldn't be happier with the results.  And they sparkle just a little bit.  If you are at all interested in wearing friendship bracelets this fall, I can't imagine shopping for them anywhere else.

This is another Etsy find,  this time from the uber-cool shop Son of a Sailor.  It's a black and white chevron bracelet, so you pretty much can't go wrong as far as trends go.  I love it on its own, but lately I wear all three bracelets at once.  They make me happy.

(Incidentally, I find photographing my own hands to be an odd experience.  They just never look right. Other people do this naturally, and the photos always look normal.  I'm wondering if this is like hearing your own voice on the answering machine?  To me, my voice always makes me sound like I've been drugged.  I swear, I drink caffeinated coffee almost all day long.)

2.  Silver star earrings from Lucky Feather

To my knowledge neither stars nor stud earrings are particularly trendy at the moment, but feathers are, so I'm on trend by proxy, yes?  Anyway, I found these at my favorite local gift shop, Lundeen's, and am in love with them, maybe for no other reason than they make my two-year-old laugh and say, "Tinkle tinkle wittah stawh!" every time she notices them.  That, combined with a very affordable price, and I will probably wear them forever.  Or until Evie grows out of her toddler voice, which I'm sorry to admit, I sort of hope is never.  But that would be weird.

Lucky Feather appears to be available from various retailers on the 'webs.  However, I did find the star earrings online here.

3.  butter London nail polish in Blagger

I don't know where the name "Blagger" came from, and maybe it's a jab at bloggers, but if that's the case I might possibly love this polish more (which seems pretty impossible at the moment).  And here's the part where I tell you that I have color issues.  I am very color sensitive, and I realize this might sound ridiculous if you don't share the condition with me.  But you're dealing with someone who used to get headaches in Burger King as a child because the lighting and colors were so awful.  So, while I dislike spending more than four dollars on a bottle of nail polish, I find that I can't bear to purchase something that isn't JUST the right color.  This blue, for example - I fell in love with it on sight, and then scanned every less expensive bottle of polish in the store for something similar before giving up and buying this one for $14.  Absolutely worth it, though.  It's fun, it's different, it looks good against my skin, and nails (ha!) that blue-with-black color pairing that everyone is so into right now.  At least, it does when I wear my black corduroy TOMS wedges, which I do often, because so help me it WILL be autumn soon.  Dammit.

(Again with the photographing myself thing - I took so many photos of my toes wearing this color in many locations, and every photo looked awful.  Apparently my toes are not photogenic, so you will have to use your imagination.  Of course, this color would be great for fingers, too, but polish on my fingernails lasts all of six hours on me, so that will only happen if you invite me to your wedding or a red carpet event which is scheduled to last for under six hours.  Hence the bottle-only photograph.)

Mom - I'm sorry I swore.

4.  Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter Chocolate Bars

Jimmy picked one of these up for me yesterday, proving once again that he is my soul mate, because after the first bite I told him that I've changed my mind and want to be fat.  Unbelievably incredibly yum.  Better than TJ's peanut butter cups.  Yes, I just said that.  YUM.

5.  David Byrne and St. Vincent, Who

I picked this up from Dooce last week which makes me think that everyone on the planet has since discovered it, but if you haven't, listen.  It will instantly perk up your Monday, I promise.  And I will skip the usual David-Byrne-Is-A-God-Among-Men lecture, because really, if you don't know that already, how can it be taught?

That's it for now.  Have a great week!

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