Monday, September 24, 2012

from space shuttle to sofa in 54 hours

Happy Monday, friends!  How was your weekend?

Mine began here:

(which was amazing)

and ended here:

Oh well.

There were other things in between.  Other things such as swim lessons, turning Evie's crib into a toddler bed, cleaning out the garage and crying over a bag of old baby bibs, make-your-own-sushi (and meet other school parents) night, warm croissants and homemade frittata brunch with friends, and the Emmy's (WHY do I watch?  Jon Hamm, Lena Dunham, Michael J. Fox - I was rooting for you!).

No excitement planned for today, though.  Today I am going to sit on the sofa and try to catch up on paperwork, emails, photos, and phone calls without moving my back too much.  Beginning with a call to Mom, because I miss her.

This might be the least exciting blog post I've ever written.  Next time I'll try to take an extra muscle relaxant before writing.  Wait, I know - every time I tweak my back I think of this clip, so you hereby have my permission to imagine this is how I'm spending my day today:

Happy Monday!

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