Monday, September 17, 2012

just remember who made your warm babas every night for almost three years

When your first child is by nature an extrovert - one of those happily charismatic spirits who naturally possess the ability to draw strangers in from across a crowded grocery store - it can be tricky to get to know your younger, introverted child.

At least we are finding that to be the case with Miss Eve.  Even though I'm a classic introvert, myself, (Lena clearly takes after her daddy), I haven't yet figured out how to draw Evie out.  It isn't that she's shy around her own family, but she does actively keep her accomplishments to herself.  I didn't even know she could count to three until my Mom overheard her counting to herself last summer.  Counting to thirteen, no less.  And it isn't as though I hadn't tried to count with Evie before; she simply kept the information to herself, the same way she used to fight to feign nonchalance when she was a baby, because Heaven forbid you catch her laughing at Elmo!

She is, of course, fun and cute and SUCH a lovey cuddler.  She giggles and laughs and plays and stamps her feet shouting NOH! AH DHON WIKE DAT! any time we offer her, say, a cup of juice when she wanted that OTHER cup of juice.  But Jimmy and I both have the distinct feeling that she is keeping some parts of her personality to herself for now.  Most of what she says she likes are just the same things that her big sister likes, and we're not buying 100% of that.  I think this kid has more to offer.  I think she's holding out on us.  I think she's just taking her time.

Actually, she reminds me quite a lot of my big brother, Eric.  Eric is probably smarter than both me and our brother Mark combined (sorry, Mark, but you did get the bulk of the charm), and Eric is artistic, creative, and hilarious, too.  But you have to keep an eye on him to catch it all.  Kind of like this kiddo. Although I suspect that she has some of her Daddy's mischief in her, too.  Like I told Jimmy last night: if the girls grew up to be bank robbers (not exactly on our list of hopeful outcomes, but bear with me), I'm pretty sure Evie would get Lena all dressed up in a crazy hat and a ridiculous clown mask, put a big burlap sack with a dollar sign painted on it into her hands, and send her into the bank whooping and hollering and Lena would have such a blast because OH BOY this is going to be the BEST BANK ROBBERY EVARRRRRR!!!!

And then Evie will quietly rob the bank across the street.

Or hey, maybe she's just headed for Wall Street.

Mama wants a house on the beach, baby.

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