Friday, September 7, 2012


In just a few hours we will have officially survived the first week of kindergarten.  I say "we" because I had no idea that beginning school would be an all-hands-on-deck family affair.  The prep, the meetings, the paperwork, the schedule - I seriously didn't even have time to use up all the tissues I packed for the first day.  Crying is for later - first we want to tell you about the PTA!  And there's a book fair!  And parking rules and drop-off procedures and you need a TB test to volunteer!  So I still haven't made it to the sentimental sobbing stage, yet, and honestly - it might have passed.  Because I still have lingering paperwork, and we're still adjusting to our new schedule.  I know, you're thinking OMGs, a schedule??  THE HORROR.  I get it.  And I've been very lucky to have five years of minimal schedule and lots of pajama days.  Not anymore.  Unlike our preschool's luxurious hour-and-a-half drop-off window with a squishy cut-off time, we are on a daily deadline, now, and it's been a huge adjustment.  But, somehow, perversely, I'm actually enjoying it.  Even though I'm not a morning person, we were up, dressed, fed, packed, brushed, and off to school today, and then it was all of 9am, I was out of the house with a cup of coffee in hand and let me tell you that was AMAAAZINGS.  So take that, school year!

Okay, maybe I'll save the gloating for when we've survived all the way through June.  For now, so far, so good.  Very good.

Anyway, the schedule is new, but not nearly as interesting or cute as my girls.  My girls who were super duper excited about kindergarten on the first day!  (Evie, too, who will not stop asking when she gets to go to "keengahddn?")  We've had some raw emotion-type outbreaks from Lena since the first day, so I think all the newness of being in a bigger, more structured environment full of new faces and a new language is more overwhelming to her than she knows how to express, but overall she seems to be having a great time.  I am so excited for her, too.  I wish so badly I could see her in class and know how her day goes every day.  She will remember these days, these teachers, these kids, this school.  I still remember almost everything about my kindergarten experience: my desk, my new supplies, My vintage Mickey Mouse metal lunchbox, the way the room smelled, learning to read....all of it.  Now it's her turn.  She's living her childhood right now - the childhood she will (hopefully) remember for the rest of her life.  I just want to jump up and down and tell her - This is your life, kid!  It's just beginning.  You have all the possibilities in front of you.  Go get 'em!  Learn everything!  Be nice.  HAVE FUN.  And always, always, always - Mama loves you.  Always.

It's been a good, good week.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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