Thursday, October 4, 2012

crisis averted

I am happy to report that the nightmare is over.  If by "nightmare" we are referring to the last several months of my handbag search.

Remember, the other day, when I told you how working at Nordstrom selling handbags eight years ago ruined me?  Well, that's still true.  But it also means that I almost never buy a new bag.  Since Jimmy and I were married seven years ago, I've now bought a total of four handbags, one of which was a bag from Target that I wound up hating AND fell apart after about one week of use.

(There have also been a couple of canvas diaper bags and a few dressy clutches in the mix.  I guess I don't count those.)

Anyway, I've been needing a new bag because my previous bag was wearing out.  I've hunted everywhere, and bought and returned five other bags before discovering this bad boy last week.  Those other bags ranged from another attempt at a Target item to a handbag that cost more than an iPhone 5 at face value.  (And the subsequent guilt after making that purchase proved to me that THAT will never happen again.)

But this bag, oh, I'm so happy with it that I want to make a mix-tape for it and write notes to it in homeroom.  You guys, it came by mail today, and it is perfect.  It was more than I wanted to pay, but it is the right color, the right size, the right quality, the right style, the right everything.  The outer pockets are exactly what I need for my phone and my lip balm and parking garage tickets, it's structured enough to look nice, baggy enough to look casual, and even though it's a ridiculously flashy brand, the label is not flashy and as a bonus it droops over enough that I won't have to feel like I'm flaunting it everywhere I go.  Plus, something about the shade of brown leather and the way the rivets are fashioned reminds me a little bit of Indiana Jones.

(Why yes, I AM a giant dork.)

Also, it was, like, waaay less than half-price.  Way.  Super-duper discounted.  More than I would have preferred paying (no one wants to give me a FREE quality bag??), but under budget.

So, thank you to Bag Borrow Or Steal.  This was my first experience with them, and I'm incredibly happy.  I bought this handbag used, which is why the price was so excellent, but you could not tell from the condition of it.  There is not a mark on it.  Maybe the leather is a little bit broken in, but even that is just a guess.  Seriously:  perfection.   And I'm so happy to know I bought a well-made product at such a good price, and happy that I will not have to cry too much when one of the girls spills strawberry smoothie on it later this afternoon.

Okay.  That's enough gushing and girliness for the day.  Also, please know that Bag Borrow Or Steal did not ask me to write this post and gave me nothing in return for mentioning their name.  Also, I am a Target fan, and while their handbags and I may not get along, Target is responsible for most of my and my daughters' clothing, as well as 80% of the rest of the items you would find in our home.  No, I am in love with this bag and I am thanking BBOS all of my own accord, and it is for no other reason than this particularly happy shopping experience that I will be checking with them first the next time I'm ready to buy a bag.

Which, given my track record, will probably be in 2014.

Update:  Okay, I've had questions, so I'll tell you the name of the bag:  MARC by Marc Jacobs Preppy Faridah Hobo Handbag.  It's discontinued, or the color is discontinued, anyway I can't find a good link, which is why I didn't link to it originally.  The scarf is a cute owl-print thing from GAP, also apparently not available online.  Sorry.  But if they were new and available I most certainly would not have been able to afford them!

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