Monday, October 1, 2012


At last, at last it's October, and summer really should be ending. Soon. Any day, now. ...right?

Over the weekend I pulled out some Halloween decorations and I even bought a cozy long-sleeved shirt from Target this morning, but none of that can change the fact that even in West LA the temperature is in the upper 90's today. And oh, poor Jimmy, the high was supposed to be 108' where he works. THE HORROR.

Seriously. Somebody make it stop.

Well, we have a busy week ahead of us. Lena's birthday is on Saturday - an event I am barely ready for either physically or emotionally - and it looks like I'll be doing some freelance work, too. I want to tell you all about spectacular Wilco and incredible Joanna Newsom at the Hollywood Bowl last night, and to see if you have any advice for me on how to get my 4-and-361/366-year-old (it's a leap year, remember?) to sleep at night and up on time in the morning, but right now I need to start the laundry and put some birthday things away and run and get Lena from school and help her with her homework and get Evie and make their dinners. I know. Cry me a river, you say. I hear you.

Happy October. If you're enjoying fall weather, please throw on a sweater and step outside and inhale/exhale/have a mug of something hot for me, please. I hope to be joining you, soon.


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