Thursday, October 18, 2012

worth it

I don't know if you know this about my husband, but it is very likely that if you offered him a trip into space in exchange for everything he owns plus one of his legs, he would say yes without hesitation.  He may or may not text me after the agreement, you know, just as an FYI.

So when the space shuttle Endeavour began its trip last Friday from the airport to the science center across town using regular old LA surface streets, Jimmy got off work early, packed a bag of snacks for the girls, and we all piled into the car to go and see it.

Unfortunately, it was tricky to pinpoint exactly where the shuttle was at any given moment, and first we drove way too far east in rush hour traffic than is advisable with two dinner-time cranky toddlers in the back seat.  When we finally realized our mistake and found it, we parked a few blocks away and walked to a good viewing spot a little up the road from it.  We waited there for about an hour for it to pass by.  But in that time it never moved, (structural concerns for the freeway overpass it needed to cross), and when security came by to announce that it would not be moving again until after midnight, we moved on, walking another six or seven blocks around and over the freeway and back down to see it where it sits in this photo, at Randy's Donuts, a classic LA landmark of kitsch.  And it was so exciting!  And the girls were so happy!  And we gaped, we took pictures, we held up the girls so they could see over the ecstatic crowd.  Jimmy bought the girls little American flags, I bought Jimmy a silly commemorative pin, and we were so glad we made all that effort.  Afterward, we took the girls out for In 'n Out burgers and milkshakes to celebrate.

When we finally came home, our neighbor Julie was here to greet us and she asked the girls what did they see?  And Evie jumped up and down and her face lit up and she stretched out her arms as far as they could go and said, "A BIG BIG DONUT!!!"

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Johanna said...

LOL! I love how 2-year-olds focus on the big picture. :)