Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Recap 2012

I know Halloween is, like, SO last month, but I was sorting through photos last night and realized I'd never recapped it for you.  Blame the flu that hit us before the sun was up the next day.  Flu, you are so lame.  Next time just stay home and watch all those Gilmore Girls reruns ALONE.

Anyway.  This was the first year that Lena wanted to be something other than a princess fairy ballerina unicorn with rainbow sparkles.  This year she inexplicably wanted to be a witch, so, of course, I found a sparkly witch dress that looked as close to a princess dress as possible, just in order to hedge my bets. Evie wanted to be a princess, and I desperately wanted her to choose Snow White, because honestly she LOOKS just like Snow White, but she insisted on being Pwincess Awohwa In A PINK Dwess!, and I couldn't turn her down.  That's okay.  I have eleven months to convince her to change her mind for next year.

My mom was here visiting for Halloween, so she got to come along for all the girls' school parties, and I got to make her wear a mustache for trick-or-treating along with me, Jimmy, my sister-in-law Erin, and our neighbor Julie who somehow managed to escape being photographed in her mustachioed state.  Also, Mom made Halloween cookies with the girls, proving once again that she is a much more patient person than I.  And lucky for me, we'll be at her house for Christmas cookie baking time, too.  Yay for grandmas!

Happy belated Halloween!

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Grandma Rose said...

I'll second that: Yaaaay for getting to be a Grandma! It's the best evaaaar! :)