Tuesday, December 4, 2012

it's December

a little ladybug came to say hello to Lena at the Christmas tree lot on Sunday

Oh, wow, December is here already, did you notice?  I know, how could you not notice.  December is here, and it feels like we're already in full-swing Christmas rush.  We spent our weekend putting up our tree and wrestling twinkle lights and baking gingerbread.  We've been ordering gifts and have already been to one Christmas party, I have Etsy orders to fill (yay!), and there is a box of Christmas cards on the shelf which need to be stuffed into envelopes, addressed, return-addressed, stamped, and sealed, but not until our Christmas letter has been written, printed, folded, and, oh......you know how it goes.

It's only the 4th, and maybe like you, I'm already feeling panicked over everything that needs to be done.  Of course I'm also, as usual, behind on email and photo editing.  And to top it off, I've got a little bit of a cold today as well as a temporary crown - a gift from the end-of-the-year leftover dental insurance gods - for the next two weeks, and Evie came home yesterday with just enough of a fever to stay home today with me and watch the same kids' Christmas movie for the fourteenth fifteenth and sixteenth times, all while peppering me with nonstop questions about anything and everything and anything again.

(About a week ago she began acting like a three-year-old all of a sudden, so here's how we've spent the last several days with her:

"Mommy, is it waining?"
Yes, baby, it's raining.
"Why it waining?"
It just is.  Sometimes it rains.
"Oh.  It no wook wike it waining."
Okay, okay, baby!  But it IS raining!
"Oh.  It waining?"
"Oh.  Why it waining, Mommy?"

 She's still cute, though, right?  And I haven't even locked her in a closet, yet!  I win Best Mommy of the Year!)

Christmas tree shopping/puddle jumping in her church shoes.  And yes, now she has a cold.  I GET IT.

But I love this season.  I love the music and the twinkle lights and even the Christmas movies.  I love hot chocolate and hot toddies and spoiling the girls with chocolate advent calendars.  Lena is just old enough now to begin understanding what the holiday is all about, and Evie is just old enough now to get excited about it all.  And my cold isn't so bad.  Just like it isn't so bad sitting here and writing this with a cuddly little girl next to me and our pretty Christmas tree all lit up in the corner.  Yes, it's hard to concentrate with her questions and her squirming and the noise of overly-festive cartoons

What was I saying?

It's like that.  It's like that, but I am determined to enjoy it.  I mean, I'm determined to chill out and relax a bit.  I mean, (deep breath), Hi.  Hello there.  Is it December already?  It is!  It's December already.  And guess what?  We have three whole weeks before Christmas.  And twinkle lights are so pretty.  And my baby is cuddly today.  And I think it's time for some hot chocolate.

Don't you agree?

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