Monday, January 21, 2013

36 before 36

My early birthday cake, made by Lena, Eve, and our neighbor Julie from my mom's recipe.  The best.

Have I mentioned that I love birthdays?  I love birthdays.  Aging is a tricky thing to enjoy, but birthdays should be lovely days, and so far mine has been just that.  On Saturday, Julie and our girls made my favorite birthday cake - Devil's Food with seven-minute icing and gold star confetti - and that night Jimmy took me downtown for rooftop drinks at Perch and an incredible dinner at Church & State.  The whole weekend was warm and calm and relaxing.  Then this morning I got to wake to kisses from Jimmy and my girls, cards written by Lena Rose herself, a few presents from family, and mimosas in the pretty little vintage champagne glasses that Jimmy bought for me as a surprise.  Even the inauguration is a treat today.  Oh, and chocolate cake for breakfast.  So far 35 is genius.

For several years I've been meaning to make one of those "X before X" lists that all the cool kids are making on their birthdays, and this year I've determined to actually do it.  I don't know if I'll complete every item before I hit 36, but I like to make plans, or maybe it's more that I like to keep dreaming.  Whatever it is, I am hoping for a good year.  (Who doesn't?)  And if having a good year is in any way up to me, this is how I plan to pull it off:

36 before 36

1.  have my morning coffee in a china teacup once in a while.  (check!)
2.  read a little bit each morning
3.  get used to waking early, before my family
4.  learn to make breakfast quinoa
5.  cultivate stress-free mornings
6.  give up wheat (at long last)

birthday party bubble activities

7.  visit Vasquez Rocks
8.  visit the Eames house
9.  visit the Hammer Museum
10.  take the girls to Olivera Street
11.  take the girls to the LACMA
12.  take Jimmy (and the girls) to see the space shuttle

the view from Perch, including the ice rink which closes today, I think.

13.  pay attention to my health
14.  make an effort move, outside, every day
15.  take my family on a bike ride to the beach
16.  climb the mountain of stairs at my neighborhood park
17.  go away on my own for one day
18.  go away with my husband for a weekend

Perch rooftop bar

19.  finish Anna Karenina
20.  finish A Moveable Feast
21.  read A People's History of the United States
22.  watch The Decalogue
23.  try out this Arrested Development show people seem to like
24.  use the free movie passes I've had in my wallet for three years

Jimmy at Church & State

morning birthday offerings

25.  work on the new drawings I have in mind for my shop
26.  get business cards made
27.  keep writing
28.  submit one essay to anywhere
29.  learn one song on the guitar - maybe Moon River for the girls
30.  shoehorn a piano into our home

birthday breakfast

new vintage champagne glass and coffee in my china teacup

31.  cut my hair
32.  buy a real swimsuit, one I've actually tried on
33.  fret less about my appearance
34.  get a tattoo (you know, maybe.)
35.  join a home group from our church

and  36.  no matter what I listed for 1-35, try to go easy on myself and enjoy more of this:

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!



DeeDee said...

I appreciate your list of goals. Good luck. I may borrow a few of your ideas myself for my birthday in a few weeks.

Lovely photos!

melanie said...

Thank you, DeeDee! And happy early birthday to you, too!