Monday, January 28, 2013

blessed are the cupcake-eaters

Oh, but those weekends go by too fast!

For being a month of resolutions and clean slates (I KNOW, shut up about clean slates already, Melanie!) - but wait and hear me out:  for being a month of resolutions and clean slates, I have somehow managed to just lazy lazy lazy my way through January.  My inbox is stuffed, my paperwork piled, and I think I can hear my Feedly crying quietly over there in the next browser tab.  I haven't sorted family photos since Halloween, haven't written a single thank-you note for the girls' Christmas presents, and, well, I know this is going to upset some of you, but I even let Lena go to school one day last week WITHOUT her finished homework.  In kindergarten!  Am I kidding you?  I am not kidding you!  It's all downhill from here, baby.  At this rate she's going to drop out by third grade, pierce her nose, get a Rainbow Dash tattoo on her bicep, and we will only ever be able to find her hanging out behind the Toys R Us selling Pop Rocks out of her bicycle basket.  AND SHE WON'T EVEN WEAR A HELMET WHEN SHE RIDES.

It's okay.  We totally have a back-up kid.

We had a great weekend.  Jimmy hung blankets around Evie's bottom bunk on Friday and the girls camped down there together that night and Saturday.  Sure, they stayed up an extra hour longer than usual after bedtime, but MOST of that time was spent whispering and giggling and chatting, so I was too preoccupied with insane happiness that they were getting along!  !!!!!  to care about what time they fell asleep.  And we slept late in the mornings, and Jimmy checked out Lena's upcoming T-ball team, and Lena had a fun audition, and Evie peppered us with constant kisses, and we went to a lovely birthday party attended by several families from Lena's preschool class whom we haven't seen in almost a year.  We had plenty of less-than-pleasant moments, but I've decided to ignore those right now.  This lazy weekend treated us well.

How was your weekend?

I'm thinking that I should probably buckle down a little bit now, though.  Maybe make sure the bills are paid.  And I should probably start by taking a shower today.  You know.  Before lunch.

Right after I announce Friday's winner of that fabulous Amazon gift card:

Congratulations, Dee!

Yeah, that's right.  FIVE entries.  I can't believe it, either.  Well, just to show the four of you who didn't win how cool I think you are for showing up to my party, I'm going to send you all something, too.  But in the meantime:  Dee!  Congrats!  Please email me your address and I will mail you your gift card!  Or, if you prefer, just email me your email address, and we'll get it done all internets-like.  Yay!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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