Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesdays with Evie

This is what I wake up to more often than not these days.  It's not bad at all, really.

As I mentioned the other day, we've been looking at ways to become a bit more financially stable this year, and one change we have considered is pulling Evie from preschool and letting her hang out at home, instead.

Already, though, she is home with me on Wednesdays, and every Wednesday I hope it will be AWESOME!  and by the end of every Wednesday I am wondering just who the hell I think I am to consider cutting even one more day out of her preschool schedule.  No, that's not true.  By lunchtime every Wednesday.  As in, before lunch.  Like, maybe an hour or two before lunch.  Yeah.  That's more like it.

It isn't helping today that I've got a bit of a cold and less than zero motivation to play toddler pretend birthday snacktime pony princess tea party for two hours straight, interrupted constantly by requests for more juice, more chocowate milk, Mommy come here!  Mommy WATCH!! Mommy, more snack, more trweat more bwanana PWEEEEASTH??!!

Toddlers = not my forte.  Toddlers = the cure for my wish for more babies.  Almost.  Okay, not really.  But they do appeal to the logical part of my brain, and quite eloquently, too.

I love my Eve Adele to little bits and pieces.  I want to squish her and cuddle her and kiss on her glorious warm soft cheeks forever.  Really.  She drives me crazy, though, just like her sister did at this age.  Crazy.  Really.  Ugh.  And this is the part where my brain wants to tell me that I suck.  Hey, Brain:  NOT HELPING.

I know that 90% of the ten people reading this are moms.  So, toddler advice?  And don't say "bourbon," because good grief, I'VE TRIED.


kittymclewin said...

First, pray. Then listen and see what is revealed.

I think with any kids that stay home during the day it's super important for everyone's sanity to train them to be comfortable to play alone for longer than 10 minutes. To do this it may help to schedule certain times of the day that are "alone play" times,(start short and increase times as necessary) and even reward her for doing a good job at it when the time is done.

During the times when she is not doing designated "play alone" time, don't just spend the entire day dropping everything to play. I found out with my most attention-needy son that anything mommy is doing, the child is eager to do too. Cooking? Grab a chair and teach her how to stir. Doing dishes? Fill the second sink with water and let her dip and rinse, or just play in bubbles. Blogging? Give her a play laptop and let her work alongside you. She will love it, and you will'll end the day feeling like you not only got a lot done, but you'll also be certain you gots lots of training, playing, and loving face time with your girl. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the first comment. SheilaK told me it was important to train your kids how to play by themselves. That was good advice.
But it also immensely helped me, when I was losing my mind and wanting him to go away, to wisely think forward to know there will likely come a time when my child will want me to go away, and probably loudly and meanly tell me so. That helped me put perspective on enjoying the toddler times when he wanted to be around me all the time, to enjoy it while it lasted.

melanie said...
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melanie said...

Becky and Heather, thank you. You are both right, and the advice is excellent. But just having your support (and understanding) is, in and of itself, worth SO much to me! I'll work on training her to play on her own, and those were great ideas of how to do it, Heather. Really, though, thank you both just for being here for me. <3