Saturday, February 2, 2013

baby knee socks!

I wasn't around to witness it, but the photographic evidence suggests that he was awfully cute at one point.  

Today is my big brother Eric's birthday, so I felt the need to pop in and wish him a public HAPPY BIRTHDAY! along with a cute-but-possibly-embarrassing baby photo.  What?  He gave it to me, and he KNOWS I has internets skillz.

Happy birthday, Eric!  Hope your day is at least half as rad as those knee socks were.  We love you and miss you!!

**EDIT** I can't stand it - really, it's not an embarrassing photo at all.  He's so cute.  But the more I look at it, the more my mommy brain is screaming WHO PUT THE BABY ON THE DRESSER??  UNSAFE!!!  UNSAFE!!!


Anonymous said...

The last good photo taken of me! And now I just get strange looks when I go out in my turtleneck/jumper/knee-sock combo.
- Eric

pollydove said...

I adore the shoes and knee socks! He seriously looks almost exactly like my own brother ... pretty sure he's got a picture just like it! Have a great week!

melanie said...

That's so funny - thanks, Polly! You have a great week, yourself! <3