Friday, February 8, 2013

because I TRIED gluten-free cookies this week, I really really tried.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Do you have big weekend plans?  We have almost nothing planned this weekend, and I have to tell you, I could not be any happier about that fact.  I am tired.  I was so focused  this week on dusting off my graphics skills and trying to perfect an art print that now I'm feeling a little bit like I've just crawled out of a rabbit hole.  Also, I've been flirting with giving up gluten - it started off rough and exhausting, leveled off to a great place, and then I more or less fell off the wagon yesterday and now I'm exhausted again.  This is not a nice way to treat my body.  Time to work on that some more.

I have a lot of things I want to share with you soon, so I hope you'll forgive me an erratic week like this one and show back up next week.  Meanwhile, have a lovely weekend.  East-coasters, stay safe.  We are thinking of you.

Much love-


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