Monday, February 25, 2013

becoming sisters

I spend a lot of time on Instagram, and as much as I adore it (it's my favorite social networking tool by far) it can sometimes be to parenting what Pinterest can be to housekeeping.  By that I mean that my Instagram feed is often packed full with gorgeous photos of docile children who are playing together happily or cuddling gently in muted, digitally-softened sunlight, older siblings always gazing wisely and lovingly at their younger, innocent siblings.

Yeah, so, I don't know about you, but that picture hasn't exactly aligned with our daily lives.  My girls have spent most of their nearly three years as sisters on a pendulum ride between sibling rivalry and staunch independence.  Any photo of them playing together happily was usually a heavily bribed, slightly staged, and desperately cajoled single shot out of a thousand.  Just be glad you can't hear whining through the photos I post.  Please.  BE GLAD.

what used to be a typical, non-Instagrammed photo of my girls.  yeah.

But recently, over the past few weeks or maybe months, we've noticed a gradual improvement.  Slowly they seem to play together more, and the usually constant round robin of tears and yelling and SHE TOOK MY and SHE WON'T and SHE SAID has been tapering off ever so subtly.  Instead, they're beginning to learn how to work together, how to have some fun together.  Somehow, out of the blue, they are becoming friends.  And their new favorite treat?  Having blankets hung around the bottom bunk to make a cave for weekend sleepovers.  Now, I know those girls need sleep - they need sleep and WE need sleep - but listening to them giggle and chat and tell stories and belly laugh for HOURS on end is basically the best perk of parenting.  Ever.

I hope they keep this up.  I don't have any hallucinations about the fighting or rivalry disappearing altogether, but I do hope now that they might actually be friends in twenty years.  Maybe even very good friends.  And honestly, I'm not sure if there is anything I want more for them.

Yesterday, Lena was telling me a silly, giggly story about what it would be like if she had had a twin, someone just like her who went with her everywhere and played with her all the time, and I asked her if maybe Evie would have been her twin in that scenario?  She just laughed at me.  "Well, yeah, Evie would be my twin!  She's my sister!"

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