Friday, February 22, 2013

i promised you more sanity, but you know, i'm not sure there's any real weight behind that promise

This is what an unproductive Friday looks like:  towels on the sofa, towels on the floor, trashcans emptied and placed at convenient locations around the house, Lysol and hand sanitizer (or hanitzer, as Lena calls it) placed within reach, Gatorade in a princess sippy, laundry piled sky high, and one glassy-eyed baby girl watching hours of My Little Pony on Netflix.  On the bright side, I think she's on the upswing, keeping down some water and banana this morning, just super tired.  Also on the bright side, so far FINGERS CROSSED KNOCK ON WOOD SOMEBODY SACRIFICE A CHICKEN nobody else in our house has gotten sick.  YET.


Nope.  Still nothing.  (And still crossing fingers.)

Something fun for today, though, is that one of my photos was featured on Instagram by the fabulous Mommyshorts for the Mommyshorts and Belle & Beanzer #instashorts_love contest.  Yay and thank you!  It was nice to have something fun to wake up to that wasn't just the realization that there was no fresh puke to clean up this morning.  Oh, umm....  I'm sure Ilana will be happy to know that I found her more exciting than a lack of puke this morning, huh?  Well, shoot.  It was nice being featured while it lasted, I guess.

No, honestly, this was super cool.  THANK YOU.

As my favorite pony Pinkie Pie would say:

(I am an Instagram addict, by the way, and you are welcome to follow me here.  I promise I've never posted any pony cartoons there.)

So that's what this Friday has brought to the Hill household.  My dream is that tomorrow would be spent lounging on the sofa and watching the pile of Oscar screeners we've had for so long while the girls, um, play in their room quietly with the door shut?  We have actually managed to catch Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, and Amour so far, which is a much better record than any of the previous five years.  (By the way, in my pre-baby life when I had hoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurs of free time for seeing movies, I would have been a fan of Amour, but I just can't recommend it if kid-free time is at a premium, or as an enjoyable way of spending the evening ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, THANKS HONEY.  Let's just say that it makes the baby-delivery and season finale episodes of Downton Abbey look like they were written by Tina Fey and Louis C.K.)  I would love to get through Les Miserables and Zero Dark Thirty at the very least, and before Oscar night, but in reality I will probably spend tomorrow doing more laundry while watching the girls reenact the latest drama from Ponyville and the Crystal Kingdom.

Have you seen any of the Oscar contenders this year?

Do you have a favorite?

Or, perhaps, a favorite pony?

More sanity on Monday, I promise.  Have a lovely weekend, dear readers.


**edit**  I just remembered that we also saw Lincoln, which I loved despite the multiple endings, so, maybe, to be fair, we've done okay this year.  Also, I thought you'd like this:

(leaving you on a sweeter note this time.)

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