Thursday, February 14, 2013

too much love

Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers!  The girls went off to school today covered in pink and hearts and sparkly smiles, carrying bags of valentines that all read "You're the best!" which still makes me laugh:

(No YOU'RE the best!!)

Jimmy and I don't usually do much on Valentine's Day anymore.  The holiday began badly in our early dating years (girls, NEVER tell your boyfriend that you "don't really care much about Valentine's Day" because you think the teddy bear and long-stemmed roses package is cheesy but you DO like a little romance in general - it will NOT be interpreted that way), and then one year when we tried to redeem the holiday with fancy dinner plans and all that, we wound up being blocked from our destination by the police who had cordoned off a half-mile radius around Wilshire/La Cienega for HOURS due to a bank robbery, derailing the whole evening.  I know I took that as a sign to laugh the holiday off, for, like, EVER.  Not to mention the fact that traffic in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day is honestly comparable to traffic the night before Thanksgiving, reservations need to be made weeks or months in advance, and all the restaurant menus are prix fixe.  So, we pretty much just stay in, nowadays.

Today, though, I was surprised by lunch out with Jimmy, a pair of lovely Anthropologie champagne flutes, and best of all, he picked up around the house, took out the trash, and did a load of laundry while I was out this morning.  Best.  Husband.  Ever.

But, okay, I know that half of you love Valentine's Day, and half of you hate it.  For those of you who hate it, here's something unromantic, but still totally sweet:

here he is, as I am writing this now, pretending to be a kitten

Pagoda Cat turned ten years old today.  Happy birthday, Pagoda!  Now you can continue to act like the reincarnation of a cranky old man, but nobody will mind it because, dude, you are TEN.  How did you get to be ten??  Uh oh, now I need to dig up that crappy old photo of the minute I first met you:

(YOU chose ME, remember,  Mr. Pagoda?)

Oh no, that did it.  Full on kitten photo explosion on its way in 3....2....1...

("This is the Pagoda.")

You're a good boy, Pagoda.  If we could make the next ten years a little less barfy, a little less yowly-at-3am-y, and a little less hissing-at-your-brother-y, I promise to increase your yogurt breaks.  Okay, fine, I promise to provide more yogurt, anyway.  Love you.  Really.  Cranky old man personality and all.

So, happy Valentine's Day, friends, and Happy Pagoda's Tenth Birthday!  And if you hate Valentine's Day AND cats, well, hmm.  I don't know how to help.  Happy Thursday?  Also, you don't like cats and you are on the internet?  WHY TORTURE YOURSELF?

Love to you all.  I'll be out this weekend, so, have a great weekend, too.  xoxo.


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