Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter preview

The mornings have been gray and foggy here and we are scheduled for rain later in the week, but daffodil buds are on sale at Trader Joe's and my parents will be here next week for Easter.  Easter!  Two weeks from yesterday!  Honest-to-goodness it's true.

Since my parents are coming and Easter is my mama's favorite holiday (and since I'm pretty sure I'm running out of years to get away with such things) I let the girls choose poofy Easter dresses from Tarjay, and even bought them hats and gloves for the first time.  All out, baby.  (And all on sale.)  Needless to say, the girls are ecstatic about poofy dresses and Easter and Grandma and Grandpa and chocolate bunnies and egg hunting, so when I popped the dresses on them for the first time it was almost all I could do to get them off again before bed.  Evie, poor kid, wanted to cuddle with her dress while she slept that night.  So, no danger of raising tomboys here.  I would have loved a girl who preferred baseball jerseys and Batman cartoons.  But for now, this will do:

Sunnier days are coming, I promise.

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Cristina Cullen said...

OMG! Them looking in the mirror!!! SO CUTE!