Wednesday, March 6, 2013

favorite thing of the week

Yesterday my friend Becky drove all the way back and forth between San Diego and Los Angeles just to spend a few hours with me in between the miles of traffic.  In an era where gas is expensive, money is tight, and time is the most precious resource, her visit was a gift I deeply appreciate.  And once again I was reminded that putting aside whatever it is I deem to be "productivity" is WELL worth the exchange for time spent with good friends.

This morning she sent along some articles and recipes which touched on our conversation or that she thought I would enjoy, and she did a good job.  My favorite thing of the week this week is one of the blog posts she sent - something just published today by a writer I've never read before, Rebecca Reynolds.  And I don't believe Reynolds could have more accurately described a problem that has been nagging at me for months, now, if not longer - a push/pull argument between ideals and reality, between nostalgia and the present time, human connection and social networks, writing and blogging, chicken and nuggets.

But after a few days of quiet, it seems like I always come back to one question: What sort of good might there be in daring to walk among those who walk with me, giving them everything I have? What if I freely give them my best art? What if I freely give them my best honesty? What if I spend time pouring my imperfect love through these channels that exist, leaning on God to speak this new language through me? Am I willing to paint my masterpieces (or as close as I ever come to such a thing) on cyber-alley walls?

Go read it.  And Becky, I haven't even thanked you personally for this, yet.  THANK YOU!


kittymclewin said...

Like this! Sounds like we're learning some of the same things. Onward! :)

Anonymous said...

Twas a blessing to spend time with you, my friend. We don't do it often enough! Glad you liked the articles. See you soon(er.)

Anonymous said...

P.S. - Where is that picture from?

melanie said...

The photo is from our trip last month up to Morro Bay. We stayed in Jimmy's aunt's guest house, and I needed to hang the blanket for privacy. The light was just gorgeous in the morning, though. :)